Rabbit Breeds Quick Facts

For many years rabbits have been raised in this country as pets and as fancy stock for competitive exhibitions. Until recently, however, there has been no real incentive to breed them for practical ends, as they were not actually needed for food, and better fur than theirs could be had for little money. Now many rabbit breeds are used as pets.

American 8-11 lb. Blue and white Meat, fur, show
American Silver Fox 8-12 lb. Black and blue Meat, fur, show
Angora wooler 5 lb. and up Black, blue, fawn, white Wool, show
Belgian Hare 8 lb. Red, tan, chestnut show
Beveren 7 lb. and up Blue, white, blue-eyed black show
Californian 8-10 lb. white with colored nose, ear, feet, and tail Meat, show
Champagne d`Argent 9-12 lb. White, silver, blue undercoat Show, meat
Checkered Giant 11 lb. and up White and black or blue Show, fur, meat
Chinchilla 9-12 lb. Gray with white belly Show, fur
Dutch 3 - 5 lb. White and black, blue, chocolate, tortoise, gray, or steel gray Show, laboratory
English Spot 9-12 lb. White with black, blue, chocolate, tortoise, lilac, gray, or steel gray spots Show, meet, labaratory
Flemish Giant 13 lb. and up Black, steel gray, light gray, sandy, blue, white or fawn Show, meat
Havana 5-7 lb. Chocolate, blue Fur, show
Himalayan 2 -5 lb. White with colored nose, ears, feet and tail Show, laboratory
Lilac 5 -9 lb. Pinkish gray Fur, meat, show
Lops 10 lb. and up gray show
Marten 5 -9 lb. Chocolate, silver, silver sable, black, blue Fur, show
New Zealand 9- 12 lb. Red, white, black Meat, show
Palomino 9-11 lb. Golden, lynx Meat, show
Polish 2 -3 lb. White, black, chocolate Show, laboratory
Rex 7 lb. and up numerous colors Show, fur
Satin 8-11 lb. Black, red, blue, copper, white Meat, show, fur
Silver 6 lb. gray, fawn, chocolate show
Tan 4-6 lb. black and tan, blue and tan show